Quit Smoking In Adelaide, South Australia.

Quit Smoking In Adelaide, South Australia.Welcome to our Quit Smoking Website. We are Quit Smoking Specialists located in Adelaide, South Australia. Since 2008 we have been helping people quit smoking and we are very, very good at it!

We use some of the most advanced Quit Smoking Techniques available today, making it easy and natural for you to become a non-smoker and with the support mechanisms we have in place for you we give you the greatest chance of staying a non-smoker.

The fact that most enquiries we get are from referrals from clients who have already quit with us shows just how successful we are. Being based in central Adelaide most of our clients come from all over Adelaide – from Elizabeth to Aldinga, the hills to the coast. We have had clients from every country region in South Australia and every state in Australia as well.
Our office is centrally located at 61 Carrington St, Adelaide with easy car parking for your convenience.

Most smokers want to quit smoking.

Man Quitting Smoking In Adelaide SAThey know it’s not good for them and such a huge waste of money, so  why do people continue to smoke? Why is it so hard for so many people to quit cigarettes? 
Because we are all different.

  • Some people do not want to put on weight
  • Some people do not want to go through the withdrawal symptoms
  • Some people do not think they have the willpower to quit cigarettes
  • Some people smoke to relieve stress and relax
  • Some people feel they will get irritable if they quit
  • The biggest reason of all – Because smoking cigarettes is not actually under your control.

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    How many cigarettes a day do you actually enjoy? If you are like most, maybe a couple. All the others you smoke unconsciously. Smoking cigarettes is usually done by your unconscious mind.

    It is like driving. When you first learned how to drive you had to consciously think about it. In fact the very first time you ever drove a car you really had to concentrate on what you were doing because it was so hard. Now when you get in your car you might think of where you are going or you adjust the radio, but you don’t actually think of the driving at all – It’s done with your unconscious mind.

    Similarly with cigarettes the very first cigarette you ever had you had to consciously force yourself to have it, as you were coughing and spluttering and getting head spins. After a while though it feels quit natural to smoke cigarettes and you then start to unconsciously smoke.

    When you first started to smoke you did it consciously. You consciously chose to smoke each cigarette. But now it is something your unconscious mind does automatically.

    How Do We Help You To Quit Smoking?

    Stop Smoking In Adelaide, SA - Phone 1300 809522 Now!At QuitSmokingSA.com we are certified Quit Smoking Specialists with years of experience in helping people quit smoking for good. We use advanced quit smoking techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy to positively influence the unconscious mind.

    We replace the old associations you may have had to cigarettes with new positive behaviours that will greatly increase your health and happiness. You can expect to feel very differently about cigarettes and feel very positive about being a non-smoker.

    Quit Smoking in Adelaide SA, Phone 1300 809522 Now!
    or email us directly at quit@quitsmokingsa.com anytime 24/7

    Support When You Need It.

    As part of our Quit Smoking System you will receive support materials to take away with you which greatly reduce any withdrawal symptoms when you quit cigarettes. Additionally should you ever start smoking again in the future simply give us a call anytime and we will book you in for another session for free.
    That’s right, if you start smoking again in 2 weeks, 2 months or even 2 years, simply give us a call and you come back for a free additional session!
    Most clients by far never require this additional session but of course it is always good to know the support is there should you ever need it.

    What Is Involved In My Session?

    Quit Smoking In Adelaide Today!Just call us anytime 24/7, 7 days a week on 1300 809522 and book your appointment. We will post or email you a confirmation letter detailing the time of your appointment, a map of where our office is at 61 Carrington St, Adelaide, SA, 5000, as well as a form to fill in detailing your reasons for wanting to quit smoking and the triggers or times when you find yourself smoking. Simply fill in this form and bring it with you to your appointment.

    You will meet with your Quit Smoking Specialist and begin your session which will consist of:

  • Some background information about you and your habit
  • Talking with you about your specific reasons and excuses about why you are not quitting
  • Talking about the system and how it works
  • Doing the system which will include using the most advanced Quit Smoking Techniques available today including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and replacing the habitual aspects of cigarettes all in a professional one on one office environment.
  • Giving you support to help you remain a non-smoker
  • Book Your Quit Smoking Session Today.

    Simply call us anytime 24/7 on 1300 809522 to make your appointment. We look forward to meeting you and helping you become a non-smoker.
    Save your money, save your health, save your life! Phone now!

    Quit Smoking in Adelaide SA, Phone 1300 809522 Now!
    or email us directly at quit@quitsmokingsa.com anytime 24/7